How many 12 Dogs of Christmas movies are there?

How many 12 Dogs of Christmas movies are there? To date, there are two 12 Dogs of Christmas movies.

What is the movie 12 Dogs of Christmas about? 

In a town where dogs have been banned by the mayor and his nasty dog-catcher of a brother, twelve-year-old Emma teams up with Cathy, the owner of a nearby canine sanctuary, to have this wicked law overturned.
The 12 Dogs of Christmas / Film synopsis

Is 12 Dogs of Christmas OK for kids? Common Sense says. Sentimental Depression-era Christmas story is fine for kids.

Where was The Twelve Dogs of Christmas filmed? Just 80 days later we were on location in Bethel, Maine shooting a full-length, live-action feature film. We picked Bethel, Maine because according to the almanac they always had snow until late April and the town seemed unchanged since the 1930’s. 12 Dogs of Christmas is a movie about kids and dogs.

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Is the 12 Dogs of Christmas a true story?

But finally, we got the real story from brewmaster Tim Rastetter, who worked at Great Lakes in the early ’90s and then created the current 12 Dogs.