How much is a sup crush?

How much is a sup crush? The drink is similar to a sangria, according to the menu. This was also priced at $7 and came in a mason jar. She struggled to finish the large drink, but the few tastes I got reminded me of a refreshing, spiked grape juice.

Who owns Sup Dogs Greenville NC? Founded in 2008 by Derek Oliverio, Sup Dogs Restaurant is a one-of-a-kind restaurant concept focused on bringing friends and families of all ages together and offering them extraordinary dining experiences.

What is SUP dog sauce made of? Despite popular belief, Sup Sauce is just ketchup. I know that it may appear to be a different color when it’s served, but rest assured, it’s ketchup.

What is sup dawg? A stand up paddleboard mount which can hold up to two SUP Boards up to 36″ wide. The SUP Dawg is fully assembled out-of-the-box, features integrated rollers for easy loading and includes SKS locks.

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What I learned working at Sup Dogs?

You learn that people will be patient with you, too. Sometimes you’ll forget their ranch, or forget the onions on their hot dog, or take a while to check up on them. You’ll realize that when people see that you’re trying your best in a stressful situation, nine times out of ten they will be patient, or even kind.

How do you make a super dog?

What’s in a superdog?
  1. All beef hotdog on a hoagie.
  2. 5 sauces (all homemade except for ketchup and mustard): 1/2 oz pineapple, 1/2 oz garlic cilantro, 1/4 oz special sauce, 1/4 oz ketchup, 1/4 oz mustard,
  3. Layer of potato chips covers the dog.
  4. Slice of bacon.
  5. 2 slices of Monterrey Jack cheese.

How does bulldog sauce taste like?

Bull-Dog is more than tonkatsu

The Worcestershire is described as spicy with hints of fruit and umami, according to Japanese Taste. Fans will know this sauce is a little runnier than the more ketchup-like companions. Next come the Vegetable and Fruit semi-sweet and tonkatsu.

What is a substitute for tonkatsu sauce?

Can you substitute tonkatsu sauce? Yes. If you don’t have all the ingredients to make your own, you can substitute with tomato, Worcestershire or barbecue sauce. Otherwise, you could also shake things up by using other Japanese sauces such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki or yakisoba sauce instead.

What is tonkatsu sauce used for?

While tonkatsu refers to pork cutlets, tonkatsu sauce is used on all kinds of fried cutlets—chicken, beef, and even tofu. It’s also the perfect dipping sauce for anything you’d normally pair with ketchup or barbecue sauce.

What does tonkatsu taste like?

The taste of tonkatsu sauce

Tonkatsu sauce has a complex flavor of sweetness, sourness, and pungency. Its sweet taste majorly comes from fruits and vegetables; sour taste from vinegar; and its spicy punch based on spices.

What do you put in Bulldog Sauce?

flour, and panko (Japanese bread crumbs) in oil. Finely chopped raw cabbage and ample amounts of sauce go together very well with the crispy fried tonkatsu. One thing indispensable to tasty tonkatsu is Bull-Dog Sauce! and it grew to be a popular food of Japan.

Is tonkatsu and katsu sauce the same?

What is Tonkatsu Sauce? Tonkatsu sauce – とんかつソース – (sometimes also referred to as katsu sauce) is a sweet and tangy Japanese condiment used for dipping or as a sauce for sandwiches.

Is katsu sauce like teriyaki?

Tonkatsu sauce is sweet and tangy with a rather unique tinge of spicy flavor. It is best described as a type of Japanese barbecue sauce and is thicker than teriyaki in texture. This sauce is often drizzled onto Tonkatsu, a Japanese dish consisting of deep-fried, panko-crumbed pork cutlets.

What do you eat with katsu?

Traditionally Tonkatsu is served with a nest of shredded raw cabbage, hot Japanese mustard and a sweet and savory spiced fruit sauce called Tonkatsu sauce (トンカツソース).

Is katsu normally pork or chicken?

Now, katsu can be found everywhere from convenience store takeaway bento boxes, to yoshoku (Western-style Japanese food) eateries and katsu specialty restaurants. The dish is primarily made with pork cutlet, but can also be made with chicken, minced meat, and seafood.

Is chicken katsu unhealthy?


They are unhealthy but taste so good. Japan has one significant deep-fried dish that we can’t simply take our hands off. Tonkatsu is a pork loin covered with breadcrumb and deep-fried, usually served with miso soup, rice, shredded cabbage and high-calorie thick & rich sauce.

What is the difference between katsu and tonkatsu?

Tonkatsu comes from the same pig character ton (豚) and katsu is short for katsuretsu, which is how “cutlets” is pronounced in Japanese. Tonkatsu, or pork cutlets, is made by seasoning and breading pork chops and then deep frying them. They are usually placed on a bed of shredded green cabbage.

What does the name katsu mean in Japanese?

From Japanese カツ (katsu, “cutlet”), shortening of カツレツ (katsuretsu), itself from English cutlet.

What is Ketsu?

“Deadline,” “due date,” “deadline.”

When you say “ketsu” or “oshiri” in business, it means a deadline, a deadline, or a deadline for work. Ass” and “oshiri” are more casual than “deadline” and “due date”. By “casual,” I mean light-hearted expressions that you might use in conversation with friends.

Is katsu a unisex name?

The name Katsu is primarily a gender-neutral name of Japanese origin that means Victorious, Win.

Do Japanese eat curry?

The quintessential spicy dish in Japan is curry, which is so popular that it’s regarded, along with ramen, as one of the top two national dishes — ahead of sushi and miso soup.