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Abandoned Puppies

Nine puppies were abandoned at a shelter and shelter wanted to euthanize

   Dogs Kaplan, Louisiana






Abandoned Puppies

By : Roxanne

Nine puppies were abandoned at a shelter and shelter wanted to euthanize



Date : Dec 20 2012

Nine puppies were abandoned at a rural shelter.  They had been put in an ice chest/cooler, doused with diesel fuel and left for dead. The shelter gave them only a few hours to be rescued by a rescue group only, or they would be put to sleep because of their condition.

AAVA fortunately stepped in.  They washed the puppies, which was a process in itself.  The pups are now in need of basic wellness exam, vaccines & spay/neuters.  They will then be adoptable once they are in improved condition.

This was a very sad situation but there is hope that all nine will heal and end up in forever homes, but we need your help to make that happen.

We appreciate any and all donations and would love for you to help us spread the word and get them help ASAP.


Thank you!

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  • Hope says: I so love them! I wish I could adopt the one that looks like a beagle!
    Jan 05 2013 at 16:32 pm
Jennifer Healy
Feb 16 2013
$ 9.70
Melanie Gilbert
Jan 31 2013
$ 4.85
Amanda & Petey
Jan 31 2013
$ 10.04
michael mock
Jan 29 2013
$ 103.14
William Hajjar
Jan 24 2013
$ 97.00
Madison Aleman
Jan 05 2013
$ 0.97
hope anderson
Jan 05 2013
$ 19.40
kimberly s
Jan 05 2013
$ 19.40
Beth Johnson
Jan 04 2013
$ 19.40
louise francoeur
Jan 03 2013
$ 9.70
Lori Miller
Dec 29 2012
$ 38.80
renee alfieri
Dec 27 2012
$ 97.00