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Ash Hit By Car

Ash was hit by a car and requires an operation to fix broken legs and pelvis

   Cats Kaplan, Louisiana






Ash Hit By Car

By : Roxanne

Ash was hit by a car and requires an operation to fix broken legs and pelvis



Date : Feb 01 2013

Animal Aid Vermillion Area received a call that a lady had found a cat that appeared to have a broken leg after being hit by a car in Albany LA. Upon taking him to the vet, it was apparent there was more to it than just a broken leg.

Despite his injuries, he is the absolute sweetest cat ever. I had him wrapped in a towel while at the vet, and he would reach up and gently pet my face with his paw and never stopped purring. Even the vet is in love with him. She said he is the sweetest cat she has ever met, even being in pain. She named him Ash.

Both of his back legs are broken, the right one is broken at the bottom of the femur, right above the knee. The left break is an FHO, so it is broken at the very top of the femur, where the ball of the femur meets the hip joint.  She said Ash's pelvis even looks to have a few small fractures. But he sits up as normally as he can, and even when she would move his legs, etc he would just gently nudge her hand with his head like he was saying "just pet me instead." Such a sweet kitty.

It is estimated his operation will be about $700 and his basic vetting including neuter and shots will be about another $100. He is being treated at Denham Springs Animal Hospital.  Anything you can give to help us help this sweet baby is very much appreciated!

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  • James says: Good luck, Ash! Not all cats are as strong as you and you are lucky to have people that love you looking out for you. You sound awesome and I hope you keep staying strong and cool!
    Mar 07 2013 at 17:09 pm
  • Steven says: Hopefully we can get this tuff little kitty a forever home. Please share with your friends and help the little buddy out.
    Mar 12 2013 at 01:47 am
  • Steven says: Lets get this tuff little kitty back up on all 4 paws. Can you post some update photos.
    Mar 12 2013 at 02:21 am
Melanie Gilbert
Mar 12 2013
$ 24.25
steven ferdinando
Mar 12 2013
$ 194.00
James Theisen
Mar 07 2013
$ 9.70
Jessica Osborne
Mar 05 2013
$ 48.50
Joy Morales
Feb 15 2013
$ 24.25
Lesley McGrew
Feb 08 2013
$ 4.85
Robert Woolley
Feb 07 2013
$ 9.70
jane Schloesser
Feb 01 2013
$ 4.85