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Aspen's Leg Fracture

Aspen is a former racehorse who was nearly put to death after retirement

   Horses Royersford, Pennsylvania






Aspen's Leg Fracture

By : Casey

Aspen is a former racehorse who was nearly put to death after retirement



Date : Jan 09 2013

Meet Aspen, he is a young ex-racehorse who has touched the lives of countless people. Aspen was rescued 5 years ago. His Jockey Club registered name is "El Ungido" . He was foaled February 25, 2003 and is out of Lady Janell by Trippi. He had 22 starts and, in those, 3 first place finishes. During his short career he earned almost $40,000 for his owners. He had raced shortly after Christmas (the year he was rescued) and after losing his last race, the barn shipped him off to the meat man.  But luckily we were able to intercept those plans.

We picked him up at a gas station with his racing shoes still on. When I got him, he was a skeleton of a horse with fungus hidden under a poor winter coat. No one gave him any notice. They thought he wasn’t worth the price to keep. Through lots of hard work and love, he is now a beautiful, plump Thoroughbred gelding who can jump the moon.

He will give you all his heart can give, and has the talent to do so. He has given pony rides to the neighborhood kids, lessons to special needs children at Shippensburg, and taught many college students to jump. He also was the pioneer horse for the Shippensburg Equestrian Club.

We are currently located in Royersford, PA and he has travelled back and forth with me to college at Shippensburg University. Everyday he inspires me to be a better person. He brings a smile to those who meet him.

Shortly after Thanksgiving he came up with an injury- x-rays have revealed it to be a fracture to his back hock, which requires a special surgery that, together with his months of layup care, will be over $5,000 dollars. The surgery will be to remove a bone that has chipped off his hock joint from the original fracture site. The surgery itself was estimated from New Bolton to run $3,500-$4,000, as long as there are no complications.

His aftercare has to be with someone familiar with post operative care and luckily I have found a lovely woman affiliated with Blauner Vet and associates in South Coventry who will offer me the layup board at $520/month, which is almost $500 cheaper than any other layup facility. With the surgery, his prognosis is great and he can have a completely normal pain free life, without it.....he has to be put down.

I am asking for your help to fund the surgery. This horse deserves the world after all he has given, and his only wish is to run again. He brought joy to many people and now due to his injury, he is confined to a stall 24 hours a day waiting for the surgery. We are trying to raise about half the money here with Fund A Pet Miracle.  We have already run a Go Fund Me project that we cannot take down because local news outlets did stories on Aspen that connect to that project. So we don't want to lose any potential donations that COULD still come in there, but it has mostly hit a plateau.  So we applied here hoping to get the rest of the help we need for him.

Without donations like yours, Aspen will not be able to have the surgery he needs to live his life. Please help Aspen continue to spread his joy by donating towards his surgery fund. You can change the lives of many through your donation. For any questions or if you'd like to meet Aspen and donate in person please email Thank you for caring and all your generousity.

Karen Evans
Mar 05 2013
$ 97.00
Jessica Osborne
Mar 05 2013
$ 48.50
jane Schloesser
Jan 14 2013
$ 4.85
Stacey Nutini
Jan 14 2013
$ 4.85