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Baylee's Eye Surgery

Baylee's eye surgery

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Baylee's Eye Surgery

By : Romero

Baylee's eye surgery



Date : Jan 24 2013

Baylee is a American Bully/American pit bull. She's a little over a year old. She was diagnosed with Entropion disorder,  where her eye lid rolls into her eye. So imagine her whole bottom eye lashes are in her along with some fur.  We can see she is in very much pain, we constantly see her trying to itch her eye in agony. My vet said if we don't get the surgery soon she will go blind. 

I just got laid off my job and simply can't afford her surgery. I have tried to reach out to many organizations but none will help because of her breed. So anything would help out a lot. Thank you and we're praying for a miracle. 


**Update - When Baylee's first project ended on 1/22, we had raised about $330 of the $400 goal. We went to the vet on 1/23 who then said it is going to cost about $150 more because the condition has gotten a bit worse. Please help us get the remainder of funds needed so we can save Baylee's eye.

  • Jan 23 2013

    Thank you so much for everyone who donated already but unfortunately baylees eye got worse and the vet raised the price. Please help us help her. Thank you and god bless.

Pat Gindlesperger
Jan 29 2013
$ 111.55
Melanie Gilbert
Jan 29 2013
$ 40.74
General Donation Fund
Jan 24 2013
$ 72.75