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Bentley Leg Surgery

Bentley was surrendured because he got a broken leg. We stepped up to save his leg and life.

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Bentley Leg Surgery

By : Care A Lot

Bentley was surrendured because he got a broken leg. We stepped up to save

Las Vegas,USA 


Date : Jan 31 2013

Bentley was rescued just in time.  He needed us because he had absolutely no use of his right rear leg.  Care A Lot Animal Rescue saved him so he could have a second chance at life.

After our vet did x-rays, he was confident that if he removed the scar tissue and placed a pin in Bentley's leg, that he will be able to keep it and not need amputation after all.

He is now on kennel rest at the vet's office.  He will be going into foster care after the surgery, during which he will receive 30 days of recovery and physical therapy.

Then a second surgery will be performed to remove the pin. Please hold Bentley's recovery in your prayers. He's improving daily. 

Please help us with Bentley's medical so that we can continue to save these types of pets who deserve a real chance instead of being killed over something that can be fixed!

  • Feb 18 2013

     Hes using his leg again!!! 2 more weeks to go before the pics are removed!!

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