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Burrito's Chemo

Burrito needs ongoing chemo and steroid treatments and veterinary rechecks.

   Cats Las Vegas, Nevada






Burrito's Chemo

By : Amanda

Burrito needs ongoing chemo and steroid treatments and veterinary rechecks.

Las Vegas,USA 


Date : Jan 17 2013

Burrito is a 10-year-old Maine Coon mix from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, now residing in Las Vegas. Last year he began to lose a lot of weight and the vets couldn't figure out why. After running a bunch of tests, they recommended doing surgery to obtain a sample tissue for a biopsy. The results showed that he has gastrointestinal lymphoma, possibly related to pesticide exposure. This means that he will need chemo and steroid treatment for the rest of his life.

Burrito is being treated by Dr. Vaughan at Las Vegas Veterinary Specialty Center, who has recommended a course of treatment that includes 2 mg of Chlorambucil every three days, and 5 mg of Prednisolone every day. He needs to go back to the vet every six weeks for blood work to ensure that he is tolerating the medication. The cost of this is approximately $350 per month. My goal is to raise enough money for a year's worth of medical care for Burrito.  

Cats tolerate chemo much better than humans. It vastly improves their quality of life, and it doesn't make them lose their fur or feel sick. With regards to Burrito, we caught it early and his type of cancer responds well to treatment. So it should make him feel better. With medication, he is expected to live 1-3 years. Without medication, he would only be expected to live 6-8 weeks. 

True to his breed, Burrito is a friendly, easy-going cat. He gets along well with other animals, and he loves to visit the neighbors. His new favorite activity is to follow me around while I take my roommate's dog for a walk. He comes when he is called (eventually) and walks on a leash (sometimes) when I take him to the vet. He's comfortable and confident in just about any situation. 

One funny thing he does is he acts like his cardboard scratching post is some sort of home base. So anytime he wants to get away from something (like me giving him his meds, or an overly hyper cat/dog, etc...) he'll just dart over to the cardboard and scratch wildly like, "You can't get me now. I'm busy scratching." 

His likes include:  sleeping, chin rubs, kitty cardboard, snuggling, turkey, sleeping outside, climbing trees, smelling bushes, catnip, and sleeping on people's heads.
His dislikes include:  being stuck indoors, being stuck in a car, and being licked or brushed in the opposite direction of fur growth.

  • Jan 17 2013

    From Oct 27:   Here is a clip of Burrito playing with a cat toy. It probably wont look exciting to other people but I was thrilled to watch him bat that thing around because hes never been too enthusiastic about playing with cat toys.

  • Jan 17 2013

    From Nov 26:  Burrito and I got good news from the vet today! An x-ray showed that the inflammation in his intestines is gone and he has put on some weight. This means that the current form of chemo is working well and he only has to have it once every three days instead of every other day. Yay!

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  • J.C. says: Hang in there Burrito. Thank you Amanda for taking care of this wonderful lil guy.
    Jan 28 2013 at 14:07 pm
Debbie Espe
Mar 12 2013
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Melanie Gilbert
Mar 12 2013
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Jan 25 2013
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