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Charlie's Medical

Charlie is an incredibly sweet cat being fostered, and has some severe medical issues

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Charlie's Medical

By : Chandra

Charlie is an incredibly sweet cat being fostered, and has some severe



Date : Dec 22 2012

I am personally fostering a cat named Charlie for Starfish Animal Rescue.  He has had chronic nose issues since he came into the rescue as a four week old kitten back in June.  He is congested all the time and sneezes up bloody looking mucusy globs.

Charlie has been seen by three different vets and been on multiple antibiotics as well as a special diet and immune system boosters.  As you can imagine, he is not very "adoptable" yet, because of this state.

He has also developed bumps on his neck that may be hives.  At this point he needs some bloodwork done as well as some allergy testing.  I am personally funding this right now because the rescue group cannot afford it, and this poor sweet guy needs to be treated.

The vet's instinct is that his nose issues are due to a feline herpes virus, but only putting him under the anesthetic can rule out the possibility of it being a polyp.  The vet said without correct treatment, that virus can cause immune deficiencies and can cause increasing harm to nasal passages and bone structures.  When the herpes virus causes destruction, secondary problems can occur like fungal and bacterial infections.  He needs to have cultures and biopsies done while he is under anesthesia to help determine all he needs treated for.

At his most recent vet appointment, he was able to have four xrays done without a sedative, simply because he is such a friendly, laid back kitty.  He won't stop purring even long enough for the vet to listen to his heart!

He is the most awesome cat I have ever fostered and it breaks my heart to see him sick but it doesn't seem to get in his way of enjoying life.

Charlie, I and Starfish Animal Rescue would truly appreciate any help you are able to give so that he can get better and hopefully into a forever home in the near future.

  • Jan 07 2013

     The vet should be calling me this week with culture results from his nasal flush and exam.   Hope to have his allergy test results soon too.  They got some blood test results back last week that showed high liver enzymes so we will need to dig further to find out why those are high unfortunately they couldnt do further testing on that the other day when he went in for his nose stuff because somehow he got into the cubbard next to and above our fridge where I put away the cat food and ruined his fasting.   He is a clever motivated kitten.   :)

    His bumps are so itchy right now hes scratching him self bloody I will be talking to the vet about it tomorrow to see what we can do to ease that before he causes himself more trouble.

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  • Vicki says: Good luck, little guy!
    Jan 14 2013 at 17:43 pm
  • Cheryl says: Hi, I dont know if you have tried this or not but there is pill called l-lysine my vet told me to try because i have three cats with the feline herpes virus also,they have the nasal discharge also,it wont cure it but it got rid of the nasal discharge on one of my cats.And it also help to boost there imune system too.You can look it up online and find more info about it,i know it wont cure everything with charlie but it might help him some.good luck with him!.
    Jan 29 2013 at 11:48 am
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