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Chuckie Has A Tumor

Chuckie needs to have a epulis tumor removed from his lower jaw near his teeth.

   Dogs Carson City, Nevada






Chuckie Has A Tumor

By : Cheryl

Chuckie needs to have a epulis tumor removed from his lower jaw near his

Carson City,USA 


Date : Jan 03 2013

This is Chuckie - he is a 10 year old mixed breed.  He has an Epulis Tumor on his lower jaw, on his gum between his teeth.  It is growing and pushing on his two teeth that are on each side of the tumor. 

I took him to Sierra Veterinary Hospital In Carson City NV. The cost will be close to $1,000 to remove the tumor and both teeth.  The vet said the two teeth have to be removed also so they can make sure the tumor is all removed. He needs this done soon because the tumor is growing and starting to get in the way of his eating and playing ball. It will bleed now if he bites down too hard on it.Thats why it needs to be done soon beore it gets too much bigger!

Thank you in advance for anything you can donate to help Chuckie!


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  • Vicki says: My senior citizen pup had to undergo a similar invasive procedure a little over a year ago... she had a 4# lipoma (football-sized) on her side that was growing rapidly & becoming very dibilitating. She's all good now, and we're so glad we went through with it! Good luck, Chuckie & family!
    Feb 22 2013 at 16:07 pm
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Feb 22 2013
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