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Great Kitten Caper!

We took in over 40 kittens from a high kill shelter that need care and treatment!

   Cats Redmond, WASHINGTON






Great Kitten Caper!

By : Motley Zoo

We took in over 40 kittens from a high kill shelter that need care and

Redmond,United States 


Date : Nov 14 2012

We recently cleared a high kill shelter out of their cats and kittens, and as usual, many of them have become sick since being rescued. We spend on average, at least twice as much per cat than we can ever recoup, and with this group it has been more serious- like 3-4 times already- and it's only been 1 week!

As we took in so many kits, we had to come up with some clever names- and we chose to name them after Thundercats and X-Men, so we have: Lion-o, Lynx-o, Tygra, Jaga, Gambit, Pumyra, Caspin, Snarf, Bengali, Javan, Wilykat, Wilykit, Cheetara, Panthro, Magneto, Professor Xavier, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Rogue, Nightcrawler, Shadowcat, Havok, Stryker, Mystique, & Jubilee. Also some liquors thrown in (as kittens are always a party!): Stoli, Syrah, Sambuca, Sapphire, Zima!

We could really use help to boost our Critical Care Vet Fund, so that we can be prepared for whatever emergency may come our way. Sadly yesterday, we lost baby Tygra who succumbed very quickly to a surprise upper respiratory infection. We spent over $500 on him alone, before he crashed so badly and we knew he wouldn't make it. We are so sad to lose him- but grateful we had those funds to help him...

However, we need further help covering all the current vet bills and to make sure the rest of the babies in our care can avoid this degree of illness- and should they succumb, ensure we can be there with funds to assist in saving their lives again!

We're an ALL-VOLUNTEER, 501c3 nonprofit corporation, so your donation is tax deductible. Make your day that much brighter, by investing in the future of some kitties- and give them a real chance at a healthy life where they are loved and treated like the kings and queens they are!

Thank you!

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Robert Woolley
Dec 22 2012
$ 9.70
Jessica Freidly
Dec 22 2012
$ 9.70
jeanne david
Dec 14 2012
$ 38.80
shana stepp
Dec 07 2012
$ 19.40
Melanie Gilbert
Nov 30 2012
$ 4.85
rachel castillo
Nov 21 2012
$ 14.55
Brianne Nasset
Nov 19 2012
$ 48.50
Debbie Espe
Nov 16 2012
$ 23.27