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Help for Butler

Abandoned and has severe infection that requires fluids, anti-biotics & a dental

   Cats Miami, Florida






Help for Butler

By : Bernie

Abandoned and has severe infection that requires fluids, anti-biotics &

Miami,United States 


Date : Jan 05 2013

Meet Butler

He was left at a vet office to be euthanized by an elderly lady who could not care for him.

Butler has a severe dental infection.   He is receiving antibiotics and much needed fluids.  However, his recovery depends on a complete dental in order to clear the infection. 

Butler is now at Gomara Animal Clinic in Miami, Florida getting the chance he deserves!  Any help you can offer towards his vet care is greatly appreciated.  Butler is about 9 years old, but he is very sweet and is eager to be part of a family.

Thanks for caring!

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  • J.C. says: Butler - hang in there. I donated for you and someone will take care of you. Thank you to all involved for Butler.
    Jan 25 2013 at 10:51 am
  • Heather says: My three cats were all in such bad shape that it was doubtful that he would make it. And yet, here he is, 10 years later, sitting next to me as I type this. Don't give up hope for a loving home and a healthy life, Butler. There are people that care. I'm sending you love. I'm glad there is a human fighting for you.
    Feb 13 2013 at 04:31 am
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Feb 17 2013
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Feb 16 2013
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Feb 13 2013
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Jan 31 2013
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Jan 05 2013
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