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Help My Harry

Harry is a 14 year old shih tzu who has several medical issues.

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Help My Harry

By : Jacqueline

Harry is a 14 year old shih tzu who has several medical issues.

Las Vegas,United States 


Date : Jan 27 2014

I have had Harry since 2002, he was about three, given to me by a student I taught in school after my mother passed. Somehow he just knew that Harry would help me endure the heartache I was feeling from my loss. Harry is a 14 year-old Shih Tzu that I adore and love! I am a senior citizen now and Harry has not had any medical issues until last year. We woke up that morning to blood all over the bedroom carpet and went into a panic not knowing what had happened. He has anal glands that were infected and burst. We took him to the vet who says he would have to have surgery which we could not afford.  

They are starting to get infected again and bleed. I am so afraid he is going to ruin the carpet on my new landlady's carpet! The vet says he will have to have surgery to remove them and antibotics for the infection. He also has a growth that is growing on his left part of his back that is increasing in growth. I think that Fay have something to do with the infection.  She stated that she would have to take a sample of the fluid to see how to proceed further. 

With my husband unemployed and me having surgery myself and other medical issues, and the only income, I have not been able to go back to the vet to further the treatment for him. Please help us help Harry. If I can't get my little friend the treatment he needs, I will have to find him a new home. I DON'T want to lose him at all!

  • Apr 11 2014

     Hello to all who have supported Harry and I with your efforts thoughts donations and prayers. My family after speaking with the Vet Specialist decided to make Harry as comfortable as he can to live his life out with as less pain as possible! We know he gave us some wonderful years and he may give more than we think! 

     Thank you again and a special thanks to Stacy Nutini @ FAPM for being with us from the beginning! We appreciate you all and hope all will be blessed!

    Jackie Harry and Family

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  • Jeanine says: Hi Mrs Welton, I wish I could do more for Harry. I know how hard it is with vet bills especially when funds are tight. It's tight in my home as well, currently, its not easy. I have shared his link online and will also do so with friends and family. I hope and pray you guys are able to raise the funds you need and more for Harry's medical care. I can tell you guys really love him and it breaks my heart to see you possibly having to give him up. I have two Shih tzus of my own and I couldn't imagine having to consider that. To protect your carpet you should try disposable dog diapers and a diaper cover up to keep Harry from bleeding on your carpet. You can purchase these items at Walmart and most pet retail stores. Disposable Diapers Washable Coverups ( for girls, but holds the diaper in place/ protects from dog tearing) In my prayers, Jeanine
    Feb 26 2014 at 13:23 pm
  • Jeanine says: I wish I could do more for Harry. I hope & pray you guys are able to raise the funds you need and more. Vet bills are expensive. I have two shih tzus of my own. Try disposable dog diapers and a machine washable female diaper cover. It may help with keeping blood off of your carpet. You can purchase at Walmart or most pet retail stores. I pray that Harry gets the care he needs and you get to keep your precious Harry. Jeanine
    Feb 26 2014 at 13:39 pm
  • Jacqueline says: Hello Jeanine, Thanks so much for your donation!! I do so appreciate it! It has been a struggle with my Harry, but we did get to the Vet through a great company called Pet Awareness & Welfare Services (PAWS). They were able to get me a free exam for him to determine a diagnosis. He does have these cysts around his anal glands and one on his back which they say is familiar with this breed. His became infected. So now they want to do a cytology on them to see if they are cancerous. If so, then I make the decision on operating to remove them. If they are not cancerous, they would recommend surgery and the results would be money for surgery and care which would include diapers as well as recovery time. They gave an estimate of $311 for the cytology and no estimate on the surgery cost yet. PAWS is willing to pay $211 for the test. So I am hoping to get the $100 for the test first and then see what happens next! Thank so much for the recommendations for places to purchase the diapers and cover ups. You have been a blessing to speak with and share my story. Again thank you so much for your donation!
    Feb 27 2014 at 12:09 pm
  • Jeanine says: Your quite welcome Mrs. Welton. I'm so glad you were able to get help with getting Harry checked out. I'm sure everything will work out for the better!!! Yes, the diaper and cover up, will definitely help. Please keep me posted. Take care, Jeanine
    Feb 27 2014 at 18:41 pm
  • Martha says: While this is coming together, see if your vet will accept payment for one thing, & be sure to continue checking on other sources of help with vet, such as: Groups Providing Financial Assistance For Veterinary Bills Also check with Red I will try to donate something this week. Best wishes for dear Harry's well being and yours. Martha
    Apr 05 2014 at 20:52 pm
  • Jacqueline says: Hello Martha, Thank you so much for your donation. I was able to get Harry to a doctor for testing and it looks like it will take reconstructive surgery to repair what the cysts have done this far and if surgery is done, it way not add more time to his life. I am just going to keep watch on him. If he stops eating, drinking going to the bathroom, or looks like he 's in pain, then I will do what has to be dine because I don't want home to suffer. He went well beyond his 12 years of life the doctor says (14 +) and he had a great one! Thanks again, I will purchase diapers for him with your donation!! Again thanks and be blessed. Jackie & Harry
    Apr 10 2014 at 19:01 pm
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Apr 08 2014
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Apr 07 2014
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Feb 26 2014
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