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Maja and Trevor

Maja and Trevor were rescued from a puppy mill & are in terrible condition

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Maja and Trevor

By : Roxanne

Maja and Trevor were rescued from a puppy mill & are in terrible condition



Date : Dec 10 2012

Maja is a Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) and Trevor is a Yorkie.  We aren't sure of their age and it is very hard to determine the way you usually would (dental features), because most of their teeth had been removed due to rotting.

Maja and Trevor were 2 of 21 dogs saved in a recent puppy mill raid.  They were brought to Acadia Parish Shelter.  Our rescue, Animal Aid Vermilion Area, is trying to take care of medical for both Maja and Trevor.

Both dogs are severely under weight and malnourished.  They also both have infected gums and require additional teeth to be extracted ASAP.  They both have hair loss and terrible fleas.  Trevor has a skin infection and most likely permanent hair loss on his legs and feet.  These issues were caused by these poor babies having to live in their own urine, feces and fleas.  It is a very sad situation.

At this point, Maja and Trevor are very happy to have love and attention and warm blankets in our rescue.  Their lives can only get better from here, but we need your help.  We have been inundated with large medical cases in the past six weeks especially and the vet bills are adding up to be sky high.

We appreciate anything you can do to help us turn Maja and Trevor's lives around!  Thank you in advance for your support and donations!

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marjorie fong
Jan 23 2013
$ 19.40
Ashley Meyers
Jan 22 2013
$ 1.94
Kathy Armstrong
Jan 15 2013
$ 9.70
jane Schloesser
Jan 10 2013
$ 4.85
Melanie Gilbert
Jan 01 2013
$ 6.79
Robert Woolley
Dec 21 2012
$ 9.70
Julie Kemp
Dec 12 2012
$ 97.00