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Moxie Needs Surgery

Moxie hurt his spine. He needs at least 7,000 dollars for MRI and Surgery as soon as possible.

   Dogs Vista, California






Moxie Needs Surgery

By : TJ

Moxie hurt his spine. He needs at least 7,000 dollars for MRI and Surgery

Vista,United States 


Date : Sep 07 2013

Moxie, 3 years old Bichon, hurt himself on Labor Day. We took him to the California Veterinarian Specialist in Vista, California on the same day. The doctors there told us that Moxie needs MRI and Surgery.  We were quoted with 2020-3496 for taking the MRI, and 4850-6550 for the actual surgery. We are recent college graduates. We could not afford such an expensive medical bill for Moxie. The doctors at the C-V-S sent us home with pain medicine. We tried to ask them if we could work out a payment plan for Moxie's MRI and Surgery. The doctor refused it. We refuse to put him down.

We took him home. He is so brave and strong. He was a super active dog. But now, he can only stare out of the window. He really needs your help. We really need your help. Please help us. We believe animals are our family. We really need your help to give Moxie proper treatment. Moxie is only a 3 year old baby. He has a long life ahead of him. Please help us. Every little bit counts!

We promise to keep updating Moxie's situation for everyone.

  • Sep 07 2013


    5th Day since his injury. Moxie is still so brave. We finally found a way for him to take the pain medicine without him spitting them out. At least he is in less pain than before. We are very pleased with this. We hope that we can raise the money as fast as possible. Thank you all for check in on little poor Moxie. We appreicate it very much!



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  • Andrea says: As a mom to three little fur babies, it breaks my heart what you are going through with Moxie. I wish I could give more ... I can't believe the response that the Vet gave you - it is absolutely despicable. I hope you will consider finding a second, third, or however many other opinions since another Vet clinic may be more willing to work with you to get the medical care Moxie needs and save this precious baby's life. Also, you may find this website helpful - it is a list of financial assistance programs for pet owners who may need aid with medical costs: Assistance for Veterinary Care. Please give Moxie a big hug from my pack (Yuffie, Oliver, and Yuna) and me. Our prayers and thoughts for a speedy recovery!
    Sep 07 2013 at 22:33 pm
  • TJ says: Dear Andrea, Thank you so very much for your encouraging words and generous donation! I really appreciate them! Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I have been calling all over San Diego county's veterinarian office with a MRI machine and neurologist, and so far luck hasn't been on my side. It's really tough seeing poor Moxie suffering from this horrible injury. He is so brave and strong. He is such a good boy. I will not give up no matter what. I believe he will make it! Thank you for your donation and prayers! Best wishes to you and Yuffie, Oliver, and Yuna! They are adorable! Thank you for giving me hope! Thank you for all the loves you are sending Moxie. God bless you and your family! Sincerely yours, T.J.
    Sep 08 2013 at 01:45 am
  • Andrea says: Hi Tian - Thank you for not giving up on Moxie! I would be doing the exact same thing for any of my babies. Have you tried posting your link on any of the San Diego rescues Facebook pages? I would contact them via Facebook and see if they'd be willing to link it on their main page. I've noticed a lot of Las Vegas rescues do that for pet owners and it seems to really help fundraising efforts since it gets shared and seen more. Best of luck finding another Vet with a more compassionate heart Sending Moxie our very best!
    Sep 08 2013 at 12:00 pm
  • Diania says: TianQi, Moxie's situation makes me so sad. He looks like the sweetest baby. I wish I could help financially but have a lot of expensive issues going on with several of my fosters. But I send prayers and the hope that this project goes well. It breaks my heart that the vets are not willing to work with you
    Sep 09 2013 at 23:40 pm
  • TJ says: Thank you Diania! Moxie is a really sweet boy. He will get better! Best luck to your fosters too! Sincerely, TJ
    Sep 10 2013 at 03:24 am
Jessica Freidly
Sep 16 2013
$ 4.85
Kelly Costello
Sep 15 2013
$ 97.00
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Sep 12 2013
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Sep 11 2013
$ 5.82
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Sep 10 2013
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Sep 07 2013
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