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Pistol's Blockage Op

Pistol is an abuse case rescue who needed emergency surgery, please help!

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Pistol's Blockage Op

Pistol is an abuse case rescue who needed emergency surgery, please help!



Date : Jan 16 2013

When SNBBR rescued Pistol a few months ago, we originally had only some very limited information - he had been living on the streets with a homeless person and was confiscated and brought to the local shelter.  We were struck by both his looks and personality, and rescued him from the shelter. What we found out when reading through his file sickened and angered us...his reason for confiscation was not because he was "on the streets", it was because the homeless person was witnessed severely abusing Pistol. Pistol was in the clinic healing from his trauma for several weeks before he was even able to be released in to the shelter. In spite of the terrible way he was treated, Pistol has remained sweet and gentle. He is loving with all humans and is friendly with other dogs.

Unfortunately, the effects of Pistol's abuse were longer term than we were aware of...Pistol's foster mom was worried about some reoccurring vomiting. She brought him in to the vet this past Saturday (1/12/2013) and it was found that Pistol had a blockage in his intestines. On top of that our vet noticed a dark spot on Pistol's spleen, which he was afraid might be a mass.  Pistol needed emergency surgery to remove the blockage and while opened our vet discovered that the dark spot on Pistol's spleen was scar tissue from trauma...trauma such as the terrible, vicious kicks that he endured from his previous owner.  Our vet said he did not know how Pistol survived, because the blows had to be so traumatic to cause this scar tissue...

The blockage was removed.  It was a vile pile of debris...the kind of stuff a dog would get hold of and ingest while living on the streets and starving. The dog was literally just eating anything he could ingest to stay alive.

Sadly, Pistol's emergency doesn't end there...2 days after surgery he was rushed back to the vet.  He is now back home with his foster family recovering and being pampered. 

We need your help to pay Pistol's vet bill, which so far totals $2600.  As a non-profit charitable organization, we rely solely on donations in order to provide our rescued dogs with shelter, food and medical care. Please donate any amount that you can spare so that we can pay our vet (Desert Inn Animal Hospital in Las Vegas) while continuing to provide for the rest of the dogs in our rescue. Please note that all donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE and you will receive a receipt for your records.

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  • Jane says: Pistol you deserve a good home and loving human parents. I know you will find one! :)
    Jan 16 2013 at 20:22 pm
Kelly Costello
Feb 14 2013
$ 48.50
Sarah Grant
Feb 03 2013
$ 48.50
Melanie Gilbert
Jan 31 2013
$ 20.37
Lois Hauck
Jan 16 2013
$ 97.00
jane Schloesser
Jan 16 2013
$ 4.85