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Sascha Renal Failure

Kitty with Renal Failure - Ongoing treatments

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Sascha Renal Failure

By : Karen

Kitty with Renal Failure - Ongoing treatments



Date : Jan 14 2013

Hi everyone,

My sweet Sascha was diagnosed in November 2011 and was being treated successfully for hyperthyroidism.  In October 2012 she crashed and was diagnosed with Chronic Renal/Kidney Failure (which unfortunately is sometimes masked by hyperthyroidism).  She was extremely dehydrated and anorexic (only 1.9kg) and had to be admitted to the emergency vet clinic for 4 days to be re-hydrated and to stabilize her.

She has been home for approx. 3 months now and has a number of treatments/medications, check-ups that are necessary to treat/slow her kidney failure and give her quality of life and these will be required for the rest of her life (which at her age, and level of kidney failure, may be months to a year or two at most).

I never thought I'd have to "reach out" for financial support to assist my sweet kitty medically, due to investing and paying into Pet Insurance for 15+ years for the sole purpose of having the "peace of mind" and financial support to back me when/if my baby ever had an accident/illness that was treatable, so I would not have to put her down due to finances. Unfortunately, due to the nature of any type of insurance .. it was fantastic and served it's purpose at first .. but unfortunately has let me down in the long run ..

Her policy has $54,000 in insurance coverage, but only 1/12th of this is available to me, due to this amount being broken down into 12 categories of illnesses, of which Sascha's care falls into only ONE of these categories ... Also, I thought this amount replenished each policy year, which I recently found out that it does not. Hence, I only REALLY have $4,500 (vs. $54,000) available to me, and this amount is almost exhausted in only a few short months.

Sascha's treatments consist of regular medical blood tests/re-checks, medications, syringes/needles for Sub-Q fluids administered twice daily at home, etc. It amounts to hundreds of dollars a month, which I just cannot keep up with.

It breaks my heart to see that she has improved and continues to have quality of life with all of the treatments I have been able to do up until now, but to think that, now due to my insurance coverage being limited … ultimately my fear and purpose of getting insurance may be for not … (having to put her down due to financial problems anyways).

I appreciate you reading my story and any support you can give is much appreciated.  If you need any professional information/reports, etc. to verify anything, please let me know.

Thank You,

K & S

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