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Sophie Trags Trixie

Three dogs in boarding after cruelty complaints were called into local rescue

   Dogs Kaplan, Louisiana






Sophie Trags Trixie

By : Roxanne

Three dogs in boarding after cruelty complaints were called into local



Date : Jan 01 2013

Sophie, Trags and Trixie are three very sweet female bully mixes.   They are cruelty cases that were reported to us.   In that situation, we have to call the cops, and the animals are therefore sent to the local shelter.

Being that they're all considered bully breed, they would have been deemed "unadoptable" and therefore would have been gassed to death pretty quickly if a rescue didn't step in.

So we are going to get them taken care of and then find forever homes for them.  All three are in boarding right now and all three will be available for adoption.

As you can see in the photos, they were extremely malnourished, neglected - nails and skin were in horrendous condition.   Kept out in the yard in chains.  Just a very bad situation.

Please help us give these girls a second chance at a worthwhile life.

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  • Lisa says: Oh my goodness. Makes me want to get another job. I swear, when I have the funds, all my disposable income is going towards projects like this.
    Jan 04 2013 at 10:06 am
  • Jane says: Good luck pups! I hope you each find wonderful and loving homes:)
    Jan 10 2013 at 19:50 pm
Pier Bobys
Mar 01 2013
$ 97.00
joanne blais
Feb 24 2013
$ 19.40
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Feb 17 2013
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Jan 31 2013
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Jan 10 2013
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