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Tank Leg Surgery

Tank needs a second surgery to help heal his spiral break in his right hind femur

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Tank Leg Surgery

By : Jessica

Tank needs a second surgery to help heal his spiral break in his right

Montgomery,United States 


Date : Jan 07 2013

Someone gave us Tank, the Mastiff, late Christmas Day as they were going to send him to the pound. My fiance and I had been dreaming of adding a rescue Mastiff to the family, and through an offhand comment of a freind of a friend, we learned about him and just couldn't allow him to be sent to die in the pound. 

He is 5 years old and had been recently hit by a truck which made a spiral break in is right hind femur. He has had surgery to correct it, but the first veterinarian left bone fragments in his leg and the bones do not appear to be healing. We believe that since Tank had always been a yard dog that he was not properly crated after the first surgery so the bones did not have the opportunity to heal. 

When we got him, he weighed 104lb, which is severely underweight for a Mastiff (who should weigh at least 160lb). After the previous owner gave him to us, he then revealed that Tank had heartworms. We got him to the new vet on 12/28 and Tank will likely have to have corrective surgery on his femur again, which is going to be very costly, as well as undergo heartworm treatment  We're optimistic that he can make it through this, but it's going to be costly, and with me being a graduate student things are going to be tight. 

Ever since Tank has been in our home, he's started to "live" again. He was so down and out and seemed like he had lost all hope the first day or so he was with us. That's all turned around now and he's loving life again, and has become a vital part of our family. He loves to hug and be hugged, to give a big LEAN into you to ask for attention, and won't hesitate to be waiting right there at the door for us. He's just a big cuddle bear and loves life.

We just want to help him to not be in pain anymore and to enable him to be all the dog he can be. He is currently being seen by Dr. Williford at Montgomery Veterinary Associates.  Thank you for opening your heart, we appreciate anything you are able to do to help Tank!

  • Jan 07 2013

     We got Tanks new crate in the other day and boy is it HUGE! I feel like I could happily spend a day in there! We dont believe that in his 5 years that hes ever been introduced to a crate so were making it "the place to be" with food and toys and all that fun stuff. He wasnt too happy about spending his first night in it but last night he slept like a champ and was happy to go in. 

  • Jan 27 2013

     Tank will be having his surgery done by Dr. Armstrong from Montgomery Veterinary Associates and Dr. Horne from Tuskegee Vet School! Dr. Horne graciously decided to help Dr. Armstrong and will be coming all the way from Tuskegee so we dont have to put Tank through so much with the car rides to and back. 

    A little updating on his case: 

    Tank was probably hit by a large truck around the November 2012 time frame. He got a sprial break in his right hind femur and his jaw was broken. His jaw had to be wired and he had surgery on his femur. Unfortunately Tank was not properly crated following the first surgery keeping the bones from healing. The surgery that Tank needed required an orthopedic veterinarian which was not available so the first vet did the best he knew how but it was not exactly what was necessary to fix Tanks leg. Unfortunately Tank needed so much more and will now require a second surgery.

    Tanks bloodwork also showed that he does have heartworms. Dr. Williford at Montgomery Veterinary Associates is optimistic and does not think it is a bad case as no heart murmer could be heard and Tank is not showing any outward symptoms. We have put him on a regimen of doxycycline and started monthly heartguard medication. This will greatly weaken the existing heartworms and lessen the damamge on his heart until we can properly address that issue. 

    The surgery that Tank will now require will cost around $1000 plus a little more for follow-up appointments. His femur bone will be plated with the help of Dr. Horne and Dr. Armstrong. I cannot express how greatful I am to these two doctors as well as Dr. Williford from Montgomery Veterinary Associates. Theyve treated us with the utmost care and you can truly tell Montgomery Veterinary Associates and their staff are the right team for the job!

  • Feb 03 2013

     Tank is doing well today! Hes been asking for more and mroe food each day lately which were thrilled about! Hes still obviously underweight but hes looking a little bit healthier as time passes. Right now were just waiting to get a little bit more fund raising done before we can schedule Tanks surgery! 

  • Feb 04 2013

     Tank did wonderfully today! My fiance and his father were working on the yard outside and Tank spent the day enjoying the sunshine. He was acting like a puppy prancing around and having a good ole time. I bet passerbys couldnt even tell that hes 5 years old and has a broken femur!

  • Feb 13 2013

     We got some WONDERFUL news on Tank! He was scheduled to have his surgery to correct his broken femur today. Well he got all checked in and we found that the bone is beginning to heal on its own now! At his last appointment the xrays showed that no healing whatsoever had occurred even though the injury was several months old and now a little over a month later hes healing! No surgery necessary!

    We are using the generous donations that weve received so far to treat his heart worms and Tank is having his first round of treatment as we speak! Again thank you all so so soooo much for helping Tank! If youd still like to donate to help cover the cost of Tanks heart worm treatment it would be much appreciated!

  • Feb 14 2013

     Tank got home from his first round of heartworm treatment today and hes doing great! A bit sore and tuckered out but was so overjoyed to see us when we picked him up that he jumped up! This isnt something he normally does let alone when hes sore. Sweet Puppy missed us. 

    I got some pictures of Tanks xrays for you all to see! Ill be uploading them into the gallery so go take a look at how amazing his healing is!

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