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Tiger's Medical Care

Please help us find out what is wrong with Tiger. I cannot bear to see her suffer any longer.

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Tiger's Medical Care

By : Joanna

Please help us find out what is wrong with Tiger. I cannot bear to see

Magnolia,United states 


Date : Dec 03 2012

Hi my name is Joanna, my husband & I found a stray cat while driving on a old highway. We stopped and picked her up. We fell for her immediately, and took care of her. Her name is Tiger, a grey & black domestic long hair. She is a great addition to this family she's like a daughter to me.

Tiger loves to play with a ball of yarn & curl up next to mommy and daddy. After finding her we took her to the local veterinary office for a checkup, also because we were afraid she might be ill since she was coughing & wheezing. At first glance the doctor told us she looks pregnant but wasn't sure until she did some testing. After a hour of waiting the pregnancy test was negative, but she wanted to do more testing to determine what could be wrong with her.

All this testing would cost me almost $750 which I cannot afford. I am very fearful for my angel and cannot bear to lose her. If anybody would be willing to help me get her looked at I would appreciate it tons!
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Debi ONeill
Dec 17 2012
$ 48.50
Richelle Whitaker
Dec 17 2012
$ 14.55
SIMONE Anderson
Dec 15 2012
$ 24.25
Laura Mercer
Dec 13 2012
$ 9.70
Debbie Espe
Dec 10 2012
$ 48.50
Stacey Nutini
Dec 09 2012
$ 0.97