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Wilson's Hip Surgery

Wilson has a very bad hip that requires surgery

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Wilson's Hip Surgery

By : Roxanne

Wilson has a very bad hip that requires surgery



Date : Feb 01 2013

Wilson was a stray turned into a gassing shelter who AAVA rescued on his last day alive. He has been in foster care where it became very clear he had a bad hip. He would just cry in pain. The foster to him took him to Dr. Stark who evaluated Wilson's hip and said there was nothing new going on, but that his hip was going to continue to gradually get worse -- just like it has been -- until he can't use the leg at all. His range of motion is severely limited and it's just going to continue to get worse and more painful.

He said that he would be willing to do surgery on Wilson, to remove the bone growth from the ball on the leg bone in order to give him back some range of movement, at a discounted rate since Wilson is a rescue.  Otherwise, he said that eventually Wilson is going to end up having to have the leg amputated. He said that a hip replacement isn't an option for Wilson, so he's always going to have an issue, but that either the surgery or the amputation is going to have to happen sooner or later.

Wilson is a sweet, sweet, boy. Even when he's in pain and he yelps, he never tries to snap at us and never even gets the tiniest bit grouchy with us. We would love to not have to amputate his leg down the road, so this surgery is very important for him.  If you can help in any way, it would be very much appreciated.  We saved him once from death row, let's give him a great quality of life from here on out!

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