Is the missing link good for dogs?

Is the missing link good for dogs? Yes, The Missing Link is a brand I trust and highly recommend as a general vitamin mix for your dogs. It’s also a good option if your dog needs a specific supplement such as a hip & joint supplement.

What are the ingredients in Missing Link for dogs? 

Fresh ground flaxseed, taurine, and nutritional yeast help support heart health.

Brand The Missing Link
Item Form Powder

Is missing link safe for puppies? Developed for both dogs and cats, this formula includes probiotics and dietary fiber to add beneficial bacteria and support your pet’s overall and digestive health. Not too shabby for a bunch of plants!

Does missing link need to be refrigerated? While it is best to keep the product refrigerated and top dress/mix into the food once a day as directed, you can freeze the product and it will remain a free-flowing powder.